Is it true that BMW Motorcycles are the ONLY bikes allowed into the shop?

Yes, it’s true. We focus on one brand and know it well. We also stock all the parts we will need to take care of your service needs. We are specialists.


My BMW is still under the factory warranty. Can I have it serviced at MotoGhost?

YES! YES! ABSOLUTELY YES! This is a very common misconception. Manufacturer’s warranties cover the repair of defects in materials and/or craftsmanship of factory components on a case-by-case basis. Having a vehicle serviced somewhere other than a “dealership” does not “void” a warranty. It is a federal law.


Can you perform BMW warranty repairs?

Yes, but we won’t, since we would essentially be doing the work for free. A warranty repair is performed by a franchised BMW Dealer, they submit a claim to BMW, and are then reimbursed for the cost of the repair. We cannot submit these claims to BMW, so we cannot be reimbursed. HOWEVER, we can submit a claim to aftermarket extended warranty companies, so if you have one, feel free to ask us what is covered.


Do you offer towing?

We do not. Towing would add an extra cost to the shop through insurance, liability and labor.  We recommend Arizona Motorcycle Towing 623.251.4401. They are professionals that have all the necessary equipment and experience to safely tow any motorcycle.


I do my own service. Can you check my computer codes and reset my service reminder?

For $50 we will check your codes and reset your service reminder. Keep in mind that a BMW service includes more than just changing your fluids. We suggest having us do an inspection which includes the BMW service functions, safety check, looking your bike over for model specific issues and a test ride. An inspection is $135.


Why are you closed on Mondays?

It is tradition in the motorcycle industry to be open from Tuesday to Saturday. This allows us to be open for our customers on Saturday, and still have a two-day weekend as well.


Do I need an appointment or can I just drop in?

It’s best to call and schedule an appointment. That way we can get you in and out of the shop quickly. If you want to work to your own schedule, feel free to drop off and we will put your bike in line to be worked on. We store all bikes inside so please remove all luggage before dropping off.


Can I bring in my own parts and fluids?

Would you bring your own eggs to Denny’s? With that being said, there are times when you might have already purchased an item and would like it installed. We can accommodate that. Keep in mind that we are a small business and our pricing is balanced between our labor rate and parts mark up. Our pricing is competitive! Our labor rate is lower than all of the Arizona dealers. Our BMW parts price is set by BMW and our aftermarket parts and tires are competitive with internet pricing.


Can I wait for my Service?

You can but we will not sacrifice quality for timeliness. We use the BMW hourly flat rates to calculate your bill but we often go over those and spend extra time on your motorcycle. We spend extra time to clean your parts like valve covers and skid plates in our parts washer. Most shops will just wipe them off. When getting a service with us, you will often notice the extra effort in cleanliness and attention to detail. Because we don’t rush through a job, it is best to drop your bike off. With that being said, we do have a small lounge with bar stools and a counter for shorter services and repair jobs.


Are you impressed with my skills when I drop off my bike caked in mud and rocks?

No… It actually makes it harder to work on and opens up the potential to get dirt into the sensitive areas of your motorcycle. During your service we may be opening valve covers, working on seal leaks or just trying to change your tire. We treat our shop like an operating room so please don’t roll around in the mud before surgery.