R80RT Restoration

R8ORT Restoration

This is an R8O restoration project we are currently working on. We are going through this bike to ensure that it is not only mechanically sound but are also adding some great upgrades. Here are some of the major items being attended to.



  • New cam and lifters
  • Upgrading to 100cc with a Siebenrock cylinder and piston kit
  • New main bearings and stop disks
  • Deep oil pan
  • New valves, exhaust seats and valve guides
  • New clutch
  • All new seals in engine, transmission and final drive
  • EME high out put alternator kit
  • Wedgetail ignition system
  • Progressive front fork springs and YSS rear shock
  • Powder coated frame and all other factory painted parts
  • Fresh paint
  • New S fairing


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